Self-Serving IVR

IVR is a broadly utilized contact channel since it permits clients to achieve basic and direct assignments autonomously and advantageously. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a communication menu system that enables the dial pad for identification, segmentation, and routing of callers to the most appropriate application/agent in the contact center. It is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within Your Organization.

Despite the fact that organizations are giving new contact channels, for example, web-based interfaces, chatbots, and portable applications, oneself assistance IVR channel despite everything represents 65% of contact focus traffic! As per recent studies.

Our Features

  • Configure a personalized IVR message and prompts through our simple web GUI
  • Collect information about your callers
  • Automate customer support
  • Time based Routing
  • Unlimited levels of IVR
  • Prioritize calls based on value
  • Route the caller to the right agent or department
  • Comprehensive Reports